Kenedi Kelso is a free-lance photographer living in the Kansas City area. She is also a yearbook photographer for Olathe Northwest High School. She was born in North Ogden, Utah and lived there for about 5 years.

Kenedi's love for visual-storytelling began at a very young age. She asked for her first camera in 1st grade, falling in love with photography instantly. She saved up all of her money in 7th grade to buy her first DSLR. She has purchased many pieces of equipment to enhance her work since then.

Photography is a huge part of Kenedi's life and her all-time passion. She has extensive experience in many different areas of photography including portraits, sporting events, graduation parties, performing arts, products, families, and more.

Kenedi has experience working many different photography gigs and shooting for many different people. Kenedi's ultimate dream is to become a successful traveling photojournalist or pursue another career in the photography field.
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